About Partners in Healthcare

Partners in HealthCare of Virginia started in February 2008 with 6 local people who wanted to ensure choice for consumers in determining their health care needs. Since that time we have grown to over 175 companies representing the best that health care has to offer. Our members come from all areas of health care. It is our mission to make certain that our community offers the consumer a real choice in determining who will be their health care providers. By supporting our area Hospitals and their Care Teams and providing access to healthcare providers, we offer the BEST OPTIONS for the creation of comprehensive discharge plans, to use best care practices to increase better outcomes for all the patients we all serve and their families.

Our current membership comes from 13 Educational locations; HCA, VCU Medical Center, and Bon Secours, a large number of Assisted Living Communities, Adult Day Care, Independent Living Facilities, In Home Care, Medical Equipment Companies, Home Infusion, Hospice, Complex Care, Nurse & Rehab, Medical Consultants, Wellness Consultants, Specialty Movers for Seniors, Speech Therapy, Elder Care Attorneys, Non Profits, Ambulance Services, and Final Arrangement Services etc. Along with these we have Insurance Specialists, Financial Consultants and major communication networks CBS 6, Main Line Broadcasting, and a number of senior communication publications.

Partners in HealthCare is committed to offering a professional experience through a diverse membership who coordinates care to make certain that each experience by their patience and families is a positive episode in navigating the healthcare maze.

We seek members who endeavor to enrich the lives of their customers/patients by providing better information and better health as a result of consumer choice.

Our initial concern was to provide a professional experience, coordinating services with local hospitals through a series of Educational In-Service Luncheon Meetings, Special Healthcare Programs and a unique web site, streamlining choice by the consumer.

Members of Partners in HealthCare have access to monthly educational and networking meetings designed to Educate and inform. The public and non-members are always invited to attend. A small meeting fee of $10.00 at the door. These meetings are well attended with 75-100 companies participating. We also offer a speaker’s bureau and postings for events, jobs and resumes. Many university students are using our site to find ways to participate in intern programs or acquire jobs with our members.

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